What is Data Science?

Data can be collected from various sources, while the amount of available data from various industries is beyond what can be imagined ten years ago. There has been a significant increase in the scale and complexity of available and analysable data, and this concerns every aspect of society and leads to unprecedented demands for relevant personnel around the world, such as data engineers, data scientists, statisticians, and data analysts who are able to translate data into evidence-based solutions.

What is CDS?

Centre for Data Science (CDS) is committed to training a new generation of data scientists, conducting various interdisciplinary research on data, promoting in-depth exploration of knowledge and establishing predicative mechanisms and models to guide the applications of data science in all levels of human life, with the aim of enhancing the development of new technology industries and contributing to the society.

What do we do?

In support of the implementation of the Macao SAR Government’s policy concerning technological innovation and the establishment of an innovation network between research and industry, CDS will be dedicated to creating a platform for promoting new types of cooperation, introducing new scientific paradigms, and using data to meet social challenges.

Coming Courses in 2018-2019

 Pre-run Courses for Master Programme

Pre-run Courses for Master Programme

Introduction to data science programming

Data can assist in our discovery of regularities and our development of innovative solutions. However, our capacity in extracting value from the existing data is limited by the lack of expertise and technology. Data processing requires specialised skills and tools, and inevitably leads to thorny issues such as privacy, security and ethics. Data science is an emerging and increasingly important discipline.

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Data science and data visualization

Developing new, tailor-made treatments for patients requires the collection and sharing of large amounts of data. Treatment of rare diseases or common cancers requires new research, while existing data must also be correlated and integrated. Students will learn how to collect and analyse data, study effective treatments, and make better decisions and predictions. The Centre will also provide a platform for research in the fields of health sciences, technology and medicine..

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Database and data mining technologies

The development of the financial sector presents an important part in the Macao SAR’s Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). Financial technology (FinTech) refers to an economic industry comprising of companies that use technology to improve the efficiency of financial services. FinTech uses big data to provide new solutions that innovatively, or even radically, improve application systems, processes, products and business modes of the financial services industry.

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Tools for machine learning

Machine Learning is a key technology in Big Data, and has been widely used in financial, medical, commercial, and scientific application systems. It enables computational systems to build experience from the data collected and adaptively improve their performance. This programme balances theory and practice, covering both mathematical knowledge and heuristic learning. Students will learn how to use data patterns to make decisions and predictions. They will also learn how to prepare data, deal with missing data and create customer-tailored data analysis solutions for different industries.

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